Logo Design – Sketch

For my rock music festival I came up with the name Reverb Shrill as my festivals name as reverb is the sound produced by an amplifier from a musical instrument that is made to echo and repeat slightly – which is something commonly used in music by rock artists, and shrill is a high pitched piercing sound which can be linked to screaming.ReverbShrillSketchScan

Above are my sketches for possible logo designs. I did these quickly and in pencil just so I could get down any ideas that I had in my head. I wanted my typography to be related to rock so that’s why a lot of my sketches have sharp lines, and the font has no curvy sides. Doing quick sketches meant that I could then look at them all overall and pick the best design, it also meant that I could check for any mistakes in my design – like getting the spelling wrong.

I decided to go for my first sketch which is Reverb Shrill with what could be flames around the lettering. I went for this design because it is simple and can be easily used as a logo. Below is my neat and larger sketch and then my fine liner drawing which will be the one I edit on illustrator.



Typeface Research

These are the fonts that I have picked to use for the Rock Festival task.Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 14.33.20I have picked this font as one of the fonts I may use in my visual identity for my rock festival as the lettering stands out on the black blocks which I find cool and interesting. I think this would also appeal to my target market as NME use a font like this on the cover of their magazine and the artists that NME write about are the type of artists that I would have performing at this festival.Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 14.33.56

I have chosen the font ‘Railway To Hells’ as one of my other fonts as the texture of the typography is rough and also reminds me of wood and pavement scratches. I think this would appeal to my target market as it is an interesting font and it is easily readable.

Designer Research – Rock Festival Logos

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 14.06.57The typography is bold but it is also soft, but with a mixture of rough textures this shows that the genre is rock but it isn’t just heavy rock and that it includes pop rock and indie rock. In the typography they have decided to not put in he line for the A this making the typography look like it could be stamped down – the texture of the typography helps support this idea.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 14.04.46The typography for Sasquatch festival is clean and sharp which is what you’d imagine the font used for a pop festival. In the typography there has been a planet used instead of having a plain Q – this makes it a decorative sans serif as images have been incorporated in with flat clean lettering. Having the typography like this doesn’t really help show that the genre of the festival is an indie rock, experimental rock, and alternative rock festival – but then looking at other festivals with the same genre of music all kind of have decorative, flat typography.Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 14.05.08Blissfields has a flat serif font used for its logo, but it has been incopirated over a collage of drawings and images which show images of what a associated with a rock festival. Underneath ‘Blissfields’ another font which looks western and is serif. The font underneath is 3D and decorative.

Designer Research – Logo Design Process

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 13.39.24

They started sketching their ideas down on paper over and over until they had enough sketches that worked with what they were designing and were up to a good enough quality to start working on digitally.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 13.39.36

After sketching they then scanned in the drawings and worked with them on illustrator – they would mess around with the images and different fonts until they got to the ideal design that they liked.

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 13.39.46After sketching and then using illustrator they have reached their final design. As in this design they have used their drawing of a pencil inside the U.

Music – Designing For Music Festivals

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 13.21.29In todays lesson we started our Festival project. I have chosen to do a rock festival. Above is a spider diagram showing everything that we associate with a rock festival and what types of bands and artists we would want to see performing at a rock festival.

ElectricGuitarScan Here is my observational drawing of an electric guitar. I started of with a rough sketch done in pencil and then I went over it in fine liner and then used watercolour pencils to add design and colour. The watercolour pencils are a hard material but after drawing with them you add water to brush over the pencil to created softer edges but to also drag out the colour. I didn’t enjoy using the watercolour pencils as, as soon as you apply the water the colour fades and lightens meaning that I didn’t achieve the strong, dark red that I wanted.

Music Festival Start

For my first graphic design project I am going to be creating a music festival that is either rock, pop or arts & music. The scenario given was that an events company has decided to create three music festivals for the summer that are held in the UK and I have been commissioned to create promotional materials and branding for one of the festivals. This includes; the name of the festival, the brand of the festival – so merchandise, posters, line-up and tickets.

Blog Redesign

I redesigned my blog theme as I found that the Illustratr theme just wasn’t working for me. I went for Vintage Camera theme as I like how it lays out everything on my blog – such as the one column that is a different shade to the background. I also changed my header image to my Wacom Drawing of my eyes that I later edited with blue and red and added my name to it. I much prefer the look of this theme; I just wish I was able to change the green colour to either red or blue to match my header image.

Final Promotional Card Design

This is my final design for my promotional graphic design card. selfportait copy copy

I decided to develop the design of having my face as my illustration as I felt that it made the card personal and that it would show people my level of drawing. I only used one colour and to only use it once as I felt like if it was more colourful it would distract away from what it is, but also using only one primary colour could draw people’s eye to the font – which is what I was trying to achieve.

Graphic Design Card Ideas

These are my two mock ideas for my final promotional card.PromotionalCard I like this design as it is very simple but also personal as having the illustration an image of me. I think for my final design I am going to use the same style of layout.

GraphicDesignCardThis is my second mock design. In this design I really like the use of colour and how it grabs your attention. I think for my final design that I am going to try and use bold and bright colours to make it more interesting.

Graphic designer’s promotional cards

Here are the four Promotional Graphics Design cards that I found online that I liked the look of and that I hopefully want to incorporate into my own promotional card design.

Below is Curtis Free’s card design. I found this design visually appealing as the bright colours in the background with bold black typography and logo had a good composition together. Another reason I picked this card was that it is simple making it easy for the viewer to see what is going on as I think cards that have a lot of detail and/or writing make it look messy and makes people not want to read on. I’d like to use bright colours with bold font in my design.Curtis-Free-Business-CardHere is Claudia Luque’s graphic design card. In this design I like the simplicity of the card and the minimal use of colours. I think the use of a boarder really works with this design as it keeps your eye in on the card as with out it it would just look like a card with a name and a few contact details and not a graphics design card. The typography is really placed well for the design and it flows nicely.

In this design I like the use of different textures with the logo design being pushed into the card instead of having a printed logo on it, also the minimal use of colours makes it clean. I’ve noticed that a lot of good graphic design cards stick to a colour palette of about 3/4 colours.Chrysler-De-Castro-Business-CardWhat makes this design really well is how the illustrator has shown of their own skills in drawing and photoshop, which I think makes the design personal and helps give an insight in what the designer is able to do. For my ideas I think that I will try and replicate something similar to this or use the same ideas as Milana Adamov.