Designer Research 2

Modern Dog Design Co.


There is a very minimalist colour pallette used in this poster with the background being black and the main imagery being done in white. Some of the information written is done in green this I think is to draw your attention to the text. For the hair in the poster there has been layers upon layers of what looks like snippets of newspaper articles this creating a round, but also kind of old fashioned texture. The imagery takes up most of the poster with the text in the small of black space between the neck and hair. The face is taking up the whole page, and the text has decreased in size going down. The focal point of this poster is the hair as it makes you pay attention. The typography is bold and minimal making it not be distracting from the imagery. Also it makes it easier for the audience to read and to get the information. The poster conveys an atmosphere of creativity and that at the gig everyone there are creative people.

Dan Stiles


Dan Stiles has used vibrant and bold colours for his poster, this helps make the poster stand out but also give us an idea of what kind if music is being played or what kind of atmosphere there is at this gig. Having a mainly white and blue background makes having the red stand out and therefore it doesn’t look busy. There isn’t much texture in this poster as they are very flat colours but there is some over lapping of the red and blue for the brain and face. The rule of thirds has been used in this poster with the main text and focal drawing across the top third and then the information about when the gig is and where it is in the bottom third, this making the poster clean and easy to read as it displays information clearly. Sonic Youth and June 30 are the largest pieces of text this indicating that they are the most important pieces of information. The focal point is the blue and red over lapping brains. The typography is in the style of cut out pieces of paper this working well with the imagery as children usually enjoy cutting up paper into shapes and letters so it works together. The mood is very child like, and friendly this attracting people to view the poster as it is welcoming. The information is displayed clearly making it easy for the audience to understand the message that this is a poster for a band who has a wide range of genres in their repertoire.

Ames Bros Design


The colours are bright and contrasting to the background and the other colours used in the poster. The red and blue colours complement each other making them work well as part of the imagery in this piece. The bold yellow and white contrast from the black and the blue making it easy for us to see them and not get a head ache. There is no texture in this poster which can be an indicator to what genre of music will be at this music festival. The layout is eye catching with the name of the arts and music festival being in the center middle and the imagery placed around and above it and the act line up being placed at the bottom of the poster. The festival name and date is the largest bit of information and then all the acts are really small compared at the bottom of the poster. Festival name as it is a contrasting colour to the other colours on the poster. The typography style is arty which works with this poster as it is a poster for an arts and music festival and everything that is on the poster such as the imagery is drawn. The mood created is that this festival is in a fun and safe environment and that you will have a good time if you went. The information is displayed clearly making it easier for the audience to understand what they need to know.

These posters are similar as they all display information clearly to the viewer and that they use bold monochrome background colours with bold, contrasting colours on top to make an impact. They all differ as the first poster uses hardly any colour to draw people’s attention but the others use bright colours to convey meaning across. I feel that the Sonic Youth poster is the most succesful as there isn’t loads of things going on in it and it uses the bare minimum of writing and still manages to get all the important information across. I haven’t really got any ideas from these posters for my own work as they come across to me as quite pop and arty where as I will be trying to get across a rock atmosphere.