Task Two – Thumbnail Idea Posters


This is my first idea for my rock festival poster combining words and images. I produced this using pen and fine liner to quickly get my idea onto the page. The message that I am trying to get across that this is a rock festival and that it isn’t for people who don’t like to get a bit rough as the festival is in the summer time but in Britain the summer time is usually wet. I have used a skeleton as my focal point for this idea as I feel that it tells people what style of festival this is with out having to read the line up or having any idea about it. I have used typography in the background as if i were to develop this idea that I would some how make the line up be apart of the background/sky imagery. I think this design is successful in word and image combination as it has various different exciting ways to combine them, that are subtle. I think what makes this idea less successful is that at first glance I don’t think people will view it as a poster. To improve this idea I think I should make the neon lights on the bridge much larger and the focal point of the design. To make it more exciting I think instead of having a plain sky background that I should use a picture of the sky with stars in it and make the line up out of stars somehow. This idea is heavily influenced by Ivan Minsloff and clearly links into my research. I think using ideas that Minsloff has used will help aid this design. I think that this would appeal to my target market as I targeting young adults and rock fans, so the skeleton imagery, and biker imagery would appeal to them as stereotypically young adults who enjoy rock music tend to have motorbikes and like death. This idea meets many elements of the brief as it shows the festival name, which would be the logo, the date and all the acts that would be playing at the festival.

thumbnail 1

This is my second idea. I used fine liner and red pen to create a simple and striking effect. My intention was to make this idea grab your attention. The message behind this idea was to show people that the festival is a rock festival. I have used a minimal colour palette of black, white and red as all together these colours stand out from each other making the poster easier to spot and to read. I chose to use red in this idea as red has connotations of anger, passion and love which is what people who go to a rock festival would be feeling and I wanted to get that across in this idea. This was a very quick idea so I didn’t think about the composition, scale and what would be the focal point – but I feel that where the red is it draws your eye to the writing especially where it says Reverb Shrill. For typography I wanted to make something that was hand drawn but scratchy as this connects to the idea of a rock festival and also a lot of rock bands name is quite scratchy. What makes this design successful is the minimal colour palette as it makes it easy to red where as some posters use lots of different colours and I feel that distracts your eye so I made sure that I didn’t do that as that’s not my intention in this idea. Less successful about this design is how simplistic it is, so visually it’s not very interesting. If I am to do this idea for my final poster I think I would stick to the colour palette but add more imagery such as guitar cases and the massive rolling boxes that bands carry their equipment in. This idea links back to my research as I looked at one poster that just used typography and shaped it into a heart to get across its meaning and liked that idea. On the other hand that poster was done with spray paint so It had paint dripping down which added interest to the design, so I think If I were to do this idea and to make it more interesting I would think about having ink dripping down. I think that this wouldn’t appeal to my target market as it is very simplistic which would draw the attention of the market I am trying to attract. This idea meets different parts of the brief as it is a line up poster and includes the logo of the festival.


This is my third idea I created. I produced this idea to get across the line up for my rock festival. I produced this idea by drawing an out line of a guitar and then drawing an outline of flames around it. I then wrote down the artists I would have playing but made the font fit into the flames and look like flames, I avoided the actually guitar area but It is still recognizable as the writing wraps around. In this idea my focal point is the guitar shape as it is in the center and the first thing you look at. I have used shades of yellow and orange to replicate flames – If I were to do this idea I would blend colours together on Photoshop onto the words and remove the black outlines, I would also use a dark red colour for the background. The composition of the words helps the word and image combination as the show the shape of the guitar with out having to go around the guitar, if I were to have the words not fulling up the whole of the flame area this design wouldn’t be successful in its words and image combination as the imagery would be hard to recognize. What lets this design is that much like my second idea it is very simplistic and only includes one way to combine words and images. To improve this idea I would add some more imagery such as a lighter and have the flame coming out of that so then I could some how merge words with the lighter to make it more interesting. This idea was influenced by  Jim Mazza – High on Fire as in his design he had words in the shapes of flames around a drawing of a viking. I took that from his work as I liked how unusual and creative that was and wanted to produce something similar but in my own style. This links to my ideas success as with out having looked at his design I wouldn’t have understood how to actually produce the words in shapes of flames. This idea appeals to my target market as flames and guitars are associated imagery with rock festivals so someone looking for a rock festival would see my poster and know instantly that it is a rock festival. This idea only covers one part of the brief which is to produce a line up poster.


Task One – Research 7


Ivan Minsloff created this Green Day poster. Ivan Minsloff specializes in art prints and screen printed gig posters for various artists. The name of this design and the date it was created is unknown.

This poster has been created for Green Day to promote their gig at The Forum. This poster has been created by using a variation of screen printed layers. The target audience for this poster is at rock fans, it appeals to that audience by using dark colours and biker imagery. This poster is to be printed and placed on walls.

I have chosen this design because I like how the designer has subtly included green day in the design of the bridge. This is something that I would like to recreate in my own work. The font used for this is very bold and clear it looks like paint work with the dripping effect at the bottom of the typography. This has been used to transform the words from words to imagery.

This relates to my own work as it has similar imagery to what I have been using and the same atmosphere created.

The subject matter of this poster is the two skeletons making out. This fits the purpose of the poster as skeletons are associated with rock music and having them making out shows what style of rock music Green Day play. This subject matter conveys the feelings of being a rebellious. In the background of this design you can see a street, and in the mid ground there is a bridge and trees enclosing the subject matter.

The words and images are various shades of greens and black these work together as they complement each other but also contrast from each other so it is visually clear what everything is. The words on the bridge have been scaled to fit exactly so you believe that it is a sign on a bridge and not just some words typed over an image. With the words scaled in the background and the two skeletons in the foreground slightly over lapping the words, it makes the words look more apart of the design than just words.

In this design I would say that there isn’t a sense of balance between the words and images as there is a lot going on in the whole poster but this isn’t a fault as it looks more natural and artistic.

If the words were removed this poster would just look like a really interesting art piece about death and love but if the images were removed it would have the same message as it would have all the details about the Green Day gig.

The designer has used a sponge texture on the words green day this effects the way the words look and how they appear on the page because this texture allows apart of the black to come through making the words look apart of the bridge. The designer has also used a variation of shapes from circles in the skull head, to ovals for the tree leaves and rectangles as part of buildings. Having the words written in one of the rectangles rather than the circles of the skull effects the composition of the word and image combination as it has allowed the words to be much more readable. The designer has used various different patterns in the clothing of the skeletons and in the buildings, with there being a brick work pattern used in the bridge and then a repeating line pattern used for buildings in the background. These use of patterns don’t effect the word and image combination but make the design more interesting.

I really like the layout of this poster and the colours used to make an impact, one thing I would say is unsuccessful about this poster is the bottom ribbon as I feel that it doesn’t connect with the rest of the poster.

I like how the designer has combined the words into the bridge imagery and would like to focus on something like that for my own work.


Task One – Research 6


vcxc22The designer of this artwork is Jon Contino. Jon Contino leads an art studio that produces award-winning work for top agencies and brands around the world. The name and date that this design was created is unknown to me.

The format of this design is to be printed on t-shirts and poster. This design was created by using printing ink.

I have chosen this design to look at in terms of word and image combination as the layout of the words in the imagery is simple but effective. This design relates to my own work as it is very similar to how my logo for my festival looks like.

The purpose of this design is to promote Nike’s VCXC running event in Van Cortlandt Park in the Bronx. The target audience for this design is people who would partake in a running event. It appeals to that audience by using motivational phrases in the design.

The subject matter of this design it the knife. In my eyes the subject matter doesn’t really fit the purpose of the brief as I wouldn’t associate a knife with running. The subject matter communicates that this running event is probably going to hurt a lot if you weren’t wearing the correct athletics gear.

This design is very simple with having a black background with white spots scattered around behind the knife. In the foreground we can see a knife that has a ribbon wrapped around it with the words ‘Run hungry take victory’ written on. A basic hand writing font has been used in this design, I think this was used to make it easy to read and to also fit with the art style.

The black and white contrast from each other making the white imagery stand out and the lime green font stands out from the white and black but also fits in at the same time. The words are placed in the ribbon that wraps around the knife this effects the word and image combination as it makes them one and not two separate things. The focal point of this design is the knife but there is no focal point for the words as there isn’t that much so the whole thing grabs your attention. There is a balance between the words and images as the words flow perfectly between the imagery.

If the imagery was removed the meaning of this design would stay the same as it would still come across as motivational but if the words were removed the message would be confusing as the nike logo would tell you that this is something to do with sport but the knife doesn’t relate. This design conveys an emotion of determination as the word and image combination is striking.

What are your own personal thoughts on the design, what is successful and unsuccessful about the use of words and images? I think that this design as a t-shirt print is very successful as it isn’t busy but as a promotional design for a running event it fails as it is too minimal. I am influenced by the colour palette of this design and the rough texture used and will hopefully use it in my own work.

Task One – Research 5

mav u


The name of this design and when it was created is unknown to me and the designer.

I would say that this design has been made using hand drawn type and imagery that then has been digitally edited and enhanced.

I have chosen this design to look at in terms of the combination of words and imagery as I like the way the different typography fits into the silhouette of the guy holding the boombox. This use of words and imagery relates to my own work as I am thinking of doing something similar to this in my own work.

This has been designed to promote Mav-U, who I am taking from the poster is either a band or an rapper, music and one of his songs in particular or MaV-U’s message he is trying to get across to the people.

I would say that the target audience for this design is teenagers and young adults who are fans of the hip hop scene. It appeals to this audience by using bold contrasting colours and straight edged shapes.

The subject matter of this design is the guy holding up the boom box. This subject matter fits in with the brief as it does promote what style of music Mav-U produces and the atmosphere that Mav-U’s music creates. It communicates that Mav-U’s music is loud and good to hang and dance too as a boom box is known for being apart of the dance scene.

In the background of this design there is a flat pale orange skin colour that complements the colour used in the people in the mid ground. In the foreground we can see a guy holding up a bomb box  which has been created using words. Over the block shape that makes the guy there are lyrics written scaling down. The lyrics have been written in many different type faces but all in the style of hip hop this has been done I think to show that Mav-U creates different styles of Hip Hop music.

The off gold-bronze and creamy white colours for the words work well against the black of the guy and stand out from the background colours of the red and pale orange. They work well because the colours make it easy for you to read the words but see the shape of the imagery.

The scale of the guy holding the boombox takes up most of the page this works with the words as it creates enough space for the words to be big enough to read with out having to zoom in.

The focal point of the words is the boom box that has been created out of the words hip hop and the focal point of the imagery is the guy that is holding up the boom box. This effects the way the words and imagery works together as it draws your attention to the top of the page and then drags your eyes down.

There is a sense of balance between between the words and images as it is all central so no one side looks like it has more on it than the other.

There wouldn’t be a different meaning if either the words or images were removed because both convey that this design is to do with hip hop.

The designer hasn’t used any textures in this design but has used a variation of shapes such as fire coming from behind the guy, and the shapes of the people in the background doing a variation of different things this doesn’t effect the word and image combination but works well together. The designer has used different line styles in the typography this making it look more interesting as an artwork. The space inbetween the words and images has been kept very minimal with nearly every inch of the guy, holding the boom box up, covered in writing.

The message that this design conveys is that Mav-U creates music that has meaning behind it and people believe in it. From the words alone the meaning portrayed is that this artist creates music that is apart of a movement. From the images alone the message shown is that there is a group of people dancing to music.

I like the art style used in this design as it is very simplistic but creative, I also like the different type faces used. I think that this design could use some different tones in the imagery just to make it more interesting.

The designers use of different type faces is something that I like and would like to try and use in my own work.

Task One – Research 4

alexpearson familytree 1

Alex Pearson runs a small creative studio group that’s based in Nashville. Family Trees makes artwork and does branding, design and illustration work for clients.

This poster for CMA Music Festival has been created with digital type and digital drawing for the leaves that surround the type. This poster was created for the Country Music Association. The purpose of this poster is to let the audience know who will be performing at the CMA Music Festival.

I have chosen to look at this poster as I am interested in how Alex Pearson has manipulated the words to look like the branches, trunk and roots of the tree. This relates to my own work as I am focusing on how to manipulate words to look like an image.

The target audience for this poster is country music fans. It appeals to this target audience as the colours are associated with country music as they are natural.

The subject matter of this poster is the tree trunk which communicates that the event that this poster is advertising has an outdoorsy feel and is down to earth as the tree imagery has included the roots of the tree.

This poster is simple with having nothing in the background and mid ground apart from a pale green colour that complements the colours used in the typography and imagery.

The colours used in this poster are all natural colours that resemble the countryside. These colours work together as the complement each other so it’s not harsh on the eyes but are also contrasting and the brown stands out besides the green of the leaves, and the pale green doesn’t take your attention away from the subject matter.

Many different type faces have been used to present the many different artists that will be performing in this festival. As the designer has used different font faces and it would be difficult to create the tree trunk imagery with an order of importance from large to big going down the trunk, the artists has made the main acts larger and/or bolder than the other acts but has places them sporadically around in the design.

If the words were removed from this poster there wouldn’t be a message sent to the audience  as the poster would only have leaves that are positioned to look like the leaves of a tree. If the imagery was removed you would still be able to tell that the the words were placed to look like a tree trunk but the meaning would be different as together the poster conveys an emotion of energy but with out the leaves the poster would look dull which conveys an emotion of ending as a tree loses it leaves at the end of summer.

The designer has used a variation of shapes in the words to create the imagery of a tree trunk and branches that are going in different ways. The designer has also used different lines in the imagery with some leaves using a single green line and other leaves having a faded line. This effects the the imagery as it adds to depth the the poster. The designer has filled up the space between the words by placing the imagery in and around the words.

From the words alone the message conveyed is that this festival has something to do with country music as the acts named are well known for being country musicians, this message though would only be read by people who have an interest in country music. From the imagery alone no message is conveyed as leaves don’t really bring any message to people. From the imagery and words together the message received would be that this festival is full of life and fun as the colours with the words and imagery remind me of summer and that is the emotions conveyed during summer.

I really like the simplicity of the design of this poster as it is nice and easy to read and look at, I also like the minimal colour palette used. I think that the designer should have used shading through out the imagery and wording just to enhance the whole poster. This designers used of words and imagery will hopefully influence my work buy thinking about how I can transform the shape and different of the words to create and image.


Task One – Research 3


The designer for this poster is unknown.

This poster has been digitally created. The poster has been formatted to be printed out as a poster and I imagine that it would be used on a billboard on the side of a building. I also think that the designer created this poster by screen printing the typography and then scanning it in to digitally edit it.

I have chosen this poster because the way the designer has combined building imagery onto the words is really interesting and not something that I have seen before. I also chose it because I like how the designer has placed the people onto the words.

Looking at the poster I would say that the audience is for people who take part in different types and styles of art, such as marshal arts, painting and singing. It appeals to this audience by having silhouette figures of different types of performing arts combined into the words against a bright orange background which to me conveys emotions of creativity.

The subject matter of this poster is the silhouettes of people doing various types of performing arts. Having the subject matter of this poster silhouettes of people communicates that this festival is about many different areas of arts. This is a flat poster with having only necessities on the poster and an orange background.

A bold sans serif font has been used through out the whole of the poster but for the name of the festival it has been edited into single blocks of shapes and made to look metallic. I think this has been done to simulate buildings as they are the imagery used in most of the poster, I also think they have done this to make it stand out more from the other text on the poster.

The designer has used orange for the background and black for the typography, these two colours complement each other and also make the other colour stand out so it makes it easy to read what’s been written on the poster.

The designer has made it so the imagery of the buildings going across the bottom aren’t too big for them to distract you from the writing but not too small for it to not be clearly visible. For the buildings that have been taken away from the bottom of the name of the festival, the have been scaled to be very small so you can still read the words but not too small for you not to be able to see that they are buildings. The sizing of the main body of type is the double the size of the silhouettes of people that are placed on top and in between the lettering.

The focal point of this poster is the O in seoul as it is the letter that is in the centre of the page but also it has the most interesting imagery combined with it making it be the focal point of this poster. This effects how the words and images work together on this poster by making your eye look into the centre and then look out at the rest of the poster but because of how the words have been placed on the page it draws your eyes back to the imagery. Everything on this poster has been focused and balanced around the centre of the page.

In the name of the festival the designer has cut up the letters into different shapes like squares and rectangles. This effects the word and image combination as with out the designer having done that the words would just look like words but because they have done that the words look like buildings and apart of the imagery. No pattern  or specific line work has been used in this poster.


What are your own personal thoughts on the design, what is successful and unsuccessful about the use of words and images?

How will the designer’s use of words and images influence your own design work?

Task One – Research 2


The designer for this work is unknown. This poster for Mayfair Festival Of The Arts has used a variation of different types of medium to create this piece with photography being used for the guitar and what I assume to be ink for the main typography of the posters, and then digital type for the details of the festival. I have chosen to look at this example as I am interested in how the designer has wrapped the typography in front and behind the guitar. This poster relates to my own work as it uses a guitar as the focal point of the poster which is what I have done in some of my own teaser posters. The design has been made to advertise Classic Rock at the Mayfair Festival Of The Arts. The client of this work is Mayfair Festival Of The Arts. There is no straight up target audience for this piece as I believe it is aimed at all ages. It appeals to this audience by not using harsh typography and a simple colour palette, this making the poster non offensive to any age or gender group. This poster has been formatted to be printed out and either put through peoples doors or to be put up in shop windows ect.

The subject matter of this poster is the guitar that has been placed in the centre of the poster. The subject matter fits within the brief as it is an electric guitar which is thought of o be about classic rock which is what the poster is focused around. The subject matter communicates that this is festival about rock and as the guitar is a bright red and quite curvy in lines and soft which suggests that there will be a variation of different genres of rock music.

The background of this piece is plain white with some of the ink typography painted on. In the mid ground the photograph of the guitar has been placed and in the foreground the location of the festival has been placed.

Sans serif fonts have been used for the details about the festival as they aren’t busy and easy to read and a contrast to the hand drawn typography that’s been used for the majority of the poster.

The words are black and turquoise which complement the red and black guitar. The red and turquoise complement each other as they both stand out against the black and white but don’t distract you from one another.

The words have been scaled to fit across the whole page this making them take up most of the page. The guitar has been scaled to be large but not large enough to take away space from the words.

The guitar has been laid out centre of the page and going all the way to the top of the page. How the words and images have been laid out works well with each other as it means that both parts are easy to focus on individually and together.

The focal point of the words is where is says Classic Rock and Mayfair which works well with the focal point of the image as the red base of the guitar is positioned in-between these two areas of text.

The whole layout of the poster is balanced with everything being central and moving out towards the sides.

If the words were to be removed the meaning of the poster would be lost as you would only see a guitar and wouldn’t have any idea of what it’s about and you wouldn’t guess that it is for a festival. If the image was removed the meaning of the poster wouldn’t change as you will know everything that you needed that you would need to know about the festival.

The designer hasn’t used any textures in this poster. There isn’t a variety of shapes so the word and image combination hasn’t been effected. There has been no patterns used.

The designer has used quite fluid and curving lines in his typography. The way the designer has hand painted the typography effects the word and image combination by making the poster seem friendly – helping to appeal to the audience.

The negative space used keeps the poster clean and easy to view.

The designer has used ink to create the words I think that ink was chosen as the material as it creates bolder and more of an impact that watercolour.

The designer has created a mood of creativity and hyperness by having hand drawn typography that looks almost childlike.

From the words alone I get the message that this festival is a classic rock festival for all ages as in the words it mentions tye dye t-shirts which is a trend that children and teenagers like to wear and classic rock is normally associated with older generations as they were alive around when the greatest classic rock bands were performing and creating music. By looking at just the image no message or meaning comes across apart from that this festival is about music and may focus of rock music as it is an electric guitar in red. The poster as a whole conveys the message that this is a classic rock festival for everyone and that the colours and lines used suggest that it is a fun thing to go to.

In this design I think that the typography and how it has been laid out is very successful to convey information across. I think that the lack of imagery and how simple it is, is unsuccessful to the poster as it makes it very bland and boring.

The designers lack of creativity in the use of words and images has influenced me to put more detail in what I am creating and if it is eye catching to my target audience of teenagers and young adults.