Final Character Concept and DVD Cover Design


The brief I was given for this project was that a Film production company would like my to create character concept art for their science fiction film ‘Parahuman’ and then to produce a DVD cover that incorporates the finished full colour digital illustration.

Looking back over my artwork I have drawn and painted a lot of animals that have fur, such as my dog painting and my Wacom tiger drawing shown below. I feel that using fur in my character completes the area of the brief that talks about ‘Having a half human, half animal’ character. I have also drawn more males than females and feel that It would be in my favour to create a male character. I am choosing to create a male character as I find it easier to draw their bodies as typically it’s more boxy to a female’s so I don’t have to worry about creating soft curves.

I think this idea will work well as I understand how to use photoshop to create fur textures and will also work well with the brief.

For my final design I have decided to stick to the male slash tiger theme as physically the male physic and the tiger print fur works well together as males are generally hairy so with the print combined it looks much more realistic and completes parts of the brief. I have found out that I need to think more into the clothing that my character will wear as the ripped jeans don’t fit the brief of ‘sci-fi clothing’

I am going to make my character have a strong physic to convey that he is strong and can take leadership this shown also through the tiger area.

I am hopefully going to lay the DVD cover out with on the front it be an extreme close up of the characters face and the back have a fully body shot of the character in a running tiger position with the habitat he’d be in slightly blurred out in the edges.

From looking at my research I have learnt that simplicity and bold colours create much more interesting and striking pieces of design that draw someone’s attention to a product which is helpful in a DVD cover as if the consumer has never heard of the film but they see a striking DVD cover they will likely pick it up and see what it’s about. I have also learnt that the colours used especially in the background can convey the personality of the character and how they live their life which is what I’d like to do in my design without words.

Jerad S. Marantz has influenced me as he used soft pale colours against dark rough textures which create a striking image that drew my attention.

Cristi Balanescu has influenced me as in their concept art they draw the character in their habit and they are usually in action poses which creates interest to the piece of artwork than if the character was on a blank background. I will use this artists idea’s in my own work for the back of the DVD cover as I am hoping to create an action shot on the back page.




  • For my illustration I started with collecting images of a strong man with lengthy hair, tiger print pattern and a tigers face. I then drew the shapes from the photographs to create an outline of my character. I have used various layers for my design such as different layers for the tiger print, and layers for the skin tone.
  • I did this as I wanted to be able to go back to various layers and change colours or shapes to fit in with my final outcome.



  • While creating this section of the illustration I felt that it was progressing well due to how the tones were building up and creating a realistic effect. I am enjoying making this illustration as I am being able to use all the different techniques I have learnt. I was struggling with where to be the highlights and tones and how much darker/lighter they should be from the base skin colour.
  • While producing my work my ideas changed from having the skin be fur to having the fur gradually take over areas of the chest rather than the whole chest be tiger print fur. I decided to change my idea slightly as I thought that aesthetically my illustration will know look more visually appealing.



  • At the moment the build up of tones are working successfully with the digital painting technique, they are working well together as I can change opacities and brush styles to create smooth blends where as using a traditional method the blends between tones wouldn’t be smooth.
  • At the moment the black tiger stripes aren’t working successfully as the brushes I am using to create a fur texture aren’t giving me the effect that I was hoping for.
  • Do you think the processes you are currently using are the right processes? Why?
  • I think doing most of this illustration digital is the right process at the moment as it means I can create a strong structure for my illustration.
  • I think that if I tried a different process to create this illustration it wouldn’t look as realistic due to my art capabilities.
  • My idea is currently developing towards meeting the brief as it hits mostly every aspect of the requirements, besides that my character has to be between the age of 16-20. It doesn’t meet this area of the brief down to the characters face, as the have a bread and look much older than a 20 year old.



  • In these screenshots above I focused on the facial design. To create the face details I used the brush tool to create lines for the nose area and eyes. I used a mixture of tools to create some areas to look realistic and then single lines to create more artistic facial details. I did this as I thought that it would make my design look more interesting to the veiwer.


  • Creating the facial details I decided not to create loads of tones to show shape as it is time consuming and I thought that it would be better for me to spend more of my time creating the whole design rather than just focusing on the face.
  • I was influenced by Dave Wilkins as he uses a lot of tonal skin in his illustrations.


  • At the moment the use of the brush tool is working really well for the hair as it lets me create each strand. It allows me to do this as I can use a variation of different shades and thickness’
  • At the moment the tiger ears aren’t working as well as I would have hoped, as they look very cartoonish and not realistic, so I may changed this aspect slighty to make it easier for me to create.


  • I think that I could have created the ears by using traditional methods such as watercolour. I think this becuase watercolour would give me a chance to create a more artistic character design and then I could use the watercolour aspect through out other ways in the DVD design such as in the background in areas.





Looking back at your dvd cover do you think it successfully meets the brief? Why?

  • My dvd cover successfully meets the brief as I have created a parahuman which is half man and half tiger, my character has long hair and prominent ears and also has an aspect of sci fi clothing.

Does the illustration work successfully within the cover? Why?

  • The character illustration works well within the dvd cover as I have edited them together to make my character look like he is in the picture that I have used.

What is most successful about the illustration? Why?

  • The most successful part of my illustration is the combination of digital painting and photograph editing as it makes the illustration interesting.

What is the least successful part? Why?

  • The least successful part of my illustration is the detail on the face of my illustration as the tone isn’t as strong as it is on the body of the illustration.

What you you differently if you were to do it again? Why?

  • If I were to redo this brief again I would manage my time more effectively as I had planed to have two different illustrations in my dvd cover but the time spent on my first illustration meant that I didn’t have enough time to create the second illustration.