Research – White Space

White space is an concept that refers to the space left between the objects on the canvas, it is also referred to as negative space. White space can be active or it can be passive. passive white space occurs naturally between the objects and active white space is done on purpose to create meaning and emotion, it is normally asymmetrical which means the design looks more dynamic. White space is also not always white which is why it can be also be known as negative space.

White space is important as it separates and can also group elements as it gives the brain visual clues on what the graphic designer was trying to suggest. It also adds emphasis to the objects and typography on the canvas which is important for creating impact.

Brave (2013) Michael Pippo


This poster was created to advertise the Disney film Brave in 2013. The artist has used icon features from the film such as Brave’s red hair and the black bear from the film. Michael Pippo has used the white space concept in his work to create the image of a bear coming through brave’s hair which is also using the concept white space. The difference in red and black within the white space concept makes this idea innovative. The use of the white space concept in this design doesn’t convey any meaning or message but instead conveys shape and character. The concept makes this design successful as it means the poster can be minimalist but still show the narrative that it is portraying. This poster inspires me and my idea generating process as I believe I can use the concept in an interesting way to advertise sports cars.

Fiat LeoBurnett


This fiat poster was created not to advertise any specific car but to warn people about the dangers of testing while driving.
The designer for this poster has used to concept White space in this design by using a simple black and white contrast where the shape of the dog fits into where the negative space of the N is to create a simple yet interesting design, that is powerful to the viewer.
The concept used helps convey the message of you either see the dog or the letter as when you first glance at the poster the N is noticeable as it is bright wihte so contrasts against the black.
The use of the concept brings a whole range of success to the design as it does everything that a poster should and is intended to do such as be impactful, create a response and to be easy to understand.
I personally really enjoy and am intrigued by this design just by it’s simplicity and effectiveness. I think I would experiment with this idea in my own idea development and see if it would be as successful.

    Mondo (2011) Olly Moss


    • Describe the piece of design and its purpose/background info?
    • How has the designer used this idea/concept within their work?
    • The artist has been very careful in how he uses the concept of white space in this design to create just the right effect. At first glance the poster just seems like a red and black land map of England but the pen you notice something isn’t quite right around wales and the midlands area and you then see the face of a werewolf coming from the ocean. This suggests so many ideas and feelings with out even reading the typography, as your mind starts to wonder why is the face coming from the sea rather than in the land, and why is it facing towards England and looking slightly down and with these questions racing around you start to create the narrative that this werewolf has traveled far, this suggested from the ocean, and that he is heading towards main land England, London as such.
    • How does this idea/concept help convey the meaning and messages?
    • What successes does this bring to the piece?
    • What is your opinion of the work? Is it successful, does it inspire you?

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