Concept Comparison

Concept One: Colour Blocks





These two concepts are similar as colour blocks typically use overlaying colours to create other colours, which is similar method to collages.

In modern colour block concept art they use other imagery with the colour geometric shapes which is similar to collages.

Concept Two: Collages





These two concepts originated at different time periods with colour blocks being created around the 17th century and collages being invented in the early 20th century.


The concepts were created for different reasons, collages were created as a way to express original thought through recycled material where as colour blocks was invented as an easy printing method.


Concept One: High Contrast




These concepts were invented both in the early 20th century.


Both of these concepts in modern day graphic design are used as a way of expressionism, and to create an eye-catching image.



Concept TwoAsymmetricTypography   DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CONCEPTS:


These two concepts are very different from each other in look, as the high contrast concept is typically black and white with not much detail and asymmetric typography is typically colourful, detailed and have many aspects. Though both of these concepts use negative space to shape the detail.


The concepts were produced for different reasons; asymmetric typography was invented for an expression of thought and writing where as high contrast was first created to save printing costs.




Red with black and colour blocks but use slightly similar methods to create the final outcomes such as the concepts use the idea of collaging  with over lapping colours and shapes. Both of these concepts use the a lot of negative space to create interesting shapes and designs


The re-invention of both of these concepts happened within a 10 year span.


Concept Two:AsymmetricTypography   DIFFERENCES BETWEEN CONCEPTS:


Key differences within these two concepts are the colour palette as red with black has a strict limited palette which in theory allows only a limited amount of emotions to be created and conveyed where as colour blocks lets the artist has full reign over the colours they use and what emotions these colours can convey.

Other key differences are that with red with black hair the power and emotions that were conveyed through this simple colour composition was taking and used for For propaganda by the Nazi’s and colour blocks was seen by artists and designers as an easier and more personal printing process.



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