Comparison of Drawing styles

Sarah Beetson, [mixed media, markers, gel pens, crayons]

Available at:



In this illustration by Beetson there is an arrangement of watermelons, segments and and wholes. Theres a young girl sat on top of the largest watermelon with a dragon fly making its way around the the canvas.

Gel pens, crayons and markers have been used to create this illustration this may have been done due to the subject matter and what atmosphere the artist was wishing to create.

In this illustration the techniques of layering with the ink splatters behind the markers and crayons and there has also been the technique of free drawing as the line work is loose and sporadic.

A mood of childish behaviour and free will has been created in this illustration due to the colour pallet used and the subject matters. I think this is what Sarah Beetson was aiming to convey as looking through her previous work I can tell that she wants to express joy and entertainment. The illustration is swaying towards the expressive art side as of the colours used and how she has arranged the subjects. Shape, Form and colour are the main areas of information that are being shown through in this illustration, but they have all been enhanced and exaggerated  to create an expressive illustration.

From looking at the illustration in detail, I would assume that this was created by looking at secondary sources as each watermelon is different in shape, colour, and pattern and this indicates that she had an array of photography of watermelons.

Bright pinks, luminous greens and mellow oranges have been used in this illustration to showcase a vibrant and exciting imagination of the young girl in the artwork. Due to these colours used I would suggest that a family audience would respond quite positive to the artwork finding it intriguing and interesting. Where as, an older audience might respond in a questioning way, trying to understand why an adult would produce work like this.

This illustration doesn’t create a big reaction in me as the art style is just not the style of art I would prefer to look at. As I am not interested hugely by this art style and do not like producing work in this way I can not make many comparisons to my own work, but from the colours used I would suggest that some of my artwork is similar in this aspect as I tend to draw and paint with bright colours.


In these illustrations there isn’t a similar subject matter as Beetson’s is of a child and watermelons in quite an abstract way and Church’s is of oranges and very realistic. There are not many similarities in these illustrations as they are completely different in style, method and purpose as Church’s is for advertisement.

As they are both extremely different, they both create contrasting moods such as with Beetson’s an atmosphere of fun and adventure is created but with in Church’s work no real mood is created.

Caroline Church, ‘Marks and Spencer’s Marmalade’ [scraper board and ink engraving] Available at:



In this print the subject matter is of a peeled orange and then an orange still in its natural casing. The peeled orange is laying on its side with the top facing just left of the viewers eye point. The print has been created using ink ingraving which is a printing process of rolling ink onto an engraving of the subject and then placing a canvas on top and rolling it through a printing press. Dotting and short lines have been used to create shape, and shadow in the print. This has been done to create a dimensional illustration that is factual. Form has been conveyed in this visual recording as well as shape, texture and scale. From this perspective has been allowed to be achieved.

As the illustration is a print and in monochrome I do not notice any specific moods or meanings aiming to be conveyed. As of this I would expect that different audiences would react the same as in wouldn’t generate much of an opinion on the artwork.

Besides from the lack of meaning conveyed, and colours used, I like this illustration as of how realistic it is and how it is easily able to be manipulated. I can see some similarties in my own work and the artists from my fine liner drawings.

Georgiana Paraschiv, ‘Pomegranate Pattern’ Available at:



This print is of pomegranates from the inside and from the outside, they have been placed slightly a jar from each other to create an interesting print. The print looks like it was a silk print, so inks of pinks and oranges would have been used. The colour palette used creates a vibrant and fun print that could be used for any type of format like pillow cases. Due to the colour palette used the print is expressive and factual.

I think that this illustration has been created from a primary source as the fruit is highly detailed and suggests shape. As it is detailed perspective and dimension has been enabled therefore creating a realistic image.

I think that all audiences would react similarly to this recording as the image is fun and interesting. I really like this illustration and can see quite a few comparisons between this illustration and my own work.


These illustrations have similar subject matter as they both use fruit though Paraschiv’s is realistic and Greave’s is more expressive. They have both been done in similar methods as they are both done traditionally with painting and printing, but Paraschiv’s has been digitally manipulated.

The illustrations use a lot of red and pink hues to create an interesting and exciting illustration, because of this both of the illustrations would appeal to similar audiences.

Derrick Greaves, ‘ Abstract painting with fruit’ 1979 Available at:

Abstract Painting with Fruit 1979 by Derrick Greaves born 1927


Subject matter is of inside a house with a bowl of fruit in the foreground. This illustration has been created using painting and from the texture and colours of the illustration I would assume acrylic as the image has flat colours. Pinks and reds have been used primarily in this illustration which promotes an atmosphere of of passion and warmth.

I think that secondary sources have been used to create this illustration. This is because of how the fruit is placed in the illustration and I don’t believe that you could create an illustration like this and have that affect from looking at a primary source.

I like the colour palette used in this illustration as they look aesetically pleasing against each other and would like to experiment with that in my own work.


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