Research – Andy Warhol

Space Fruit (1978) Andy Warhol



As Warhol is known for his screen prints and “Space Fruits” is a series of prints by the artists I can only assume that Warhol stuck with using the printing method of screen prints for this artwork, this meaning that ink was used to create this recording.

This collage print by Warhol has a simple composition of four melon segments. Three of the melon segments have been placed in a small group with the fourth segment further ajar and at a slightly canted angle compared to the others. I believe that this print was produced by primary sources as the way the melons has been composition and drawn suggest that they were in front of Warhol while he was producing the visual recording as they are not covered in detail.

In this piece a various mixture of traditional methods have been used such as screen printing and collage for the background. This is a common art process of Warhol with him creating various known works and prints in this method.

Due to the colour palette used and the composition of the melons I feel that Warhol was trying to convey the playfulness nature of what surrounds melons as melons are typically a summer fruit and that has many connotations of warmth, fun and happiness which is portrayed in the colour palette and the subject matter. Texture and form are the key pieces of information that has been conveyed in this print, as on the top of the melons you can visualise where the lighting is on the fruits this is due to the dusted black ink dots gradually making their way around the melon. On the outside of the melons you can tell that Warhol has invested time into looking at the fruit and understanding the texture. Pattern hasn’t been used in this design print but I think that this print would make an interesting print as the colours used are bright but not in your face and the melons could easily be manipulated to create a continuous pattern.

Circular shapes from various directions and perspectives have been used in this print from the colour blocks to the line work that is following above the melons. This has been done to amplify the form of the melons. The print also suggests dimension and depth of the melons, done by the short, close together line work.

For this piece you could argue that Warhol is being expressive and factual at the same time, as the melons by them selves are factual to their shape and form, but with the combination of baby blue, and coral orange surrounding and setting the fruit adds an expressive notion to the artwork.

I think that this print would cause different reactions from different audiences as from a child’s perspective the piece would be seen as colourful and fun but with no more deeper meaning or idea, but the older the audience got I believe that they would look into the piece more and feel greater emotions this due to their own personal knowledge on art, colour and emotions.

As Warhol is an artist I look up to, I can see key comparisons in my own work from the colours used. I find this print aesthetically pleasing, from the colours used to the composition of the melons. The print also brings happiness as the image is fun to look at a depict, the effect of this would be different if the colours were to change.


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