Georgiana Paraschiv and Derrick Greaves Inspired Illustrations


In this In The Style of from Derrick Greaves Illustration I was aiming to copy the layout and colour palette from his work. I did this as they are the recognisable features from his illustration. I have copied the colour palette and composition successfully as my version is very similar to his. To improve I would think about using different fruits to add more dynamics to the piece. I think that this style of artwork would be best suited towards gym goers if the colour palette was muted and made more natural.


In my Georgiana Paraschiv inspired illustration I was attempting to duplicate the same style of print from the vibrant warm colours used and the layout of the fruits. I was successful in doing this as I used very similar oranges and pinks to her pomegranate print. To improve this illustration I would maybe add different fruits that were circular to add some more interest to the design. This style of illustration would work well for either gym goers and fun families but depending on the way it is used.


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