Caroline Church and Sarah Beetson Inspired


In this illustration I was aiming to copy Sarah Beetson’s childlike drawing style and colour palette she uses. I chose to take these aspects of her artwork as I believe that they are the most recognisable feature of her illustrations. I would say that I was successful in taking these areas and reproducing them in my illustration based of her own work. Though I wasn’t successful in conveying the same style of message in my illustration as there wasn’t a narrative behind my drawing where as in Beetson’s there was. This style of drawing would work well within the fruit juice packaging aimed at fun families as it uses bright colours which are bold but also fun and warm, this conveys feelings of friendliness and love.


Caroline Church inspired this illustration from the use of her dark lines with bold shapes to create the shading to make her visual recording show the aspects of the oranges realistically and add depth. I have taken this from her work and adjusted it to my illustration by using various sizes of black dots to show the shape and texture within the bunch of banana’s. I have done this successfully as it embodies the same style of artwork. To Improve I would perhaps create the illustration in the same method as Church by carving it out on the same material she had used and printing it with a press. If I was to use this style of illustration in my fruit juice packaging I would aim it towards gym goers as it is very simple and laid back which I think would appeal towards that market more effectively.



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