Final Evaluation

During this project I enjoyed the freedom in drawing range and style that the brief allowed, as there were no limitations on what I could conjure up to work within both of the target markets. Because of this freedom, I found the artist research and in particular the In The Style Of’s the most interesting as it leant me the possibility of new drawing styles and techniques.

The research into artists such as Caroline Church, Sarah Beetson and Andy Warhol effected my developmental recordings positively, as each artists, illustrator, designer had their own style of art which allowed me to take the most successful parts and reproduce them into my own work. This research allowed me to then refine my viusal recordings succesffuly. Some of these success can be seen in my Sarah Beetson and Caroline church influenced weights recording as these illustrators took my loose hand drawing skill combined with their own style to create a recording that was aesethtically pleasing but also able to work within attracting the correct target market.

In the success in my visual recordings a few failures occurred but this wasn’t down to lack of drawing ability but motivation and time. My most successful drawings  had time and effort spent on them to make them just right, and this payed off but with the drawings I had recorded in a rush they were least successful as it lacked the effort needed to create a good quality recording.

In my final outcomes I would say I had chosen the best visual recordings to take through, especially within the fun families fruit juice packaging. The combination of lady birds, butterflies and greens worked harmoniously together to create an illustration that would be fun and exciting for children but also looks factual and informative towards families.

Through out the project I used primary and secondary sources; my own photography, observational drawing and using other people’s photographs to draw from. I feel that these were the main sources available to use in this project as it gave me material to draw.

For both of my outcomes I believe that I have used the correct drawing style to attract and gain each individual audiences attention. For the fun families market, I used an arrangement of block colours to create the background and bright colours and bold lines within the insect drawings. I chose this drawing style for this market due to looking into other packaging and illustrations aimed towards this market and it was a common theme. For my Gym Goers packaging I used a simplistic approach with a simple watercolour and line work composition. I chose these two styles as I feel that the circular and bold shapes created through the watercolour contrasted behind the stark lines of the weight mixed media drawing will grab that target markets attention.

In both of my final outcomes their were some successes and a few failures. Take for example, in the packaging aimed at gym goers the composition worked extremely well but the colour palette let the packaging down as it made the design seem extremely busy. For the Fun Families packaging successes were created through the colour palette and layout used as it was interesting and vibrant enough to draw attention. What wasn’t as successful was the lack of fruits in the design as without the typography you wouldn’t be able to know that the packaging was created for fruit juice. If I were to redo the project I would use more idea generating processes to come up with concepts an colour palettes for each outcome.

From this project I have learnt that effort pays off and that there is no point in doing something without %100 effort because it doesn’t pay off, no matter how much time you save.


Group Crit Feedback

From the feedback and advice given in the group criticism of my mock up packaging ideas I have learnt that within my packaging aimed towards fun families that bright colours, and pattern works well and would be the most successful in attracting that market. Within my packaging aimed towards gym goers the use of gym equipment with small areas of details in a minimalistic design will work the best.

The group criticism was extremely helpful in helping me advance and improve my packaging ideas as I was able to gain outside input and see a new outlook onto my work.

For my final outcomes I will use the nature style, with various bugs scattering the packaging, for the fun families market. And, for the gym goers market I will use a laid back design with gym equipment but include more fruit within the design.

Fruit Juice Packaging Presentation Sheets

From looking at Kate Molloy’s logo idea presentation sheets I have created my own using ideas from hers. I had stuck with a minimal background, this was to allow my drawings and ideas come through and stand out. I also used similar colours from my drawings for each marketed presentation for example the Family fruit juice uses more colours that are warm where as the Gym Goers presentation sheet uses light greens and pale baby pinks to complete my drawings.

Kate Molloy Research

Kate Molloy is a freelance designer for Little Designs Cambridge. “She founded the company in 2011 to provide a customer-led creative service for Cambridgeshire companies.” The aim of Kate Molloy’s presentation was to show logo ideas to the blog Planet Grief.  Planet Grief is a grief blog talking about personal grief and how to deal with it as the founded Helen Bailey went through a lot of grief in her life.

The style of presentation appeals to the target audience as it uses a clean, and simple layout with their being a lot of white space and blue tones. Through out the presentation Kate Molloy uses the same visual theme with just changes in the logo design. Looking at Kate Molloy’s presentation has given me ideas for my own presentation for using simple colours that relate to the art work.