Final Evaluation

When I read through the brief I was excited about the lack of boundaries we were given on what we could produce, and the imagery we could use. I was worried about only using Illustrator for the app icon as I don’t tend to use the programme, and when I do find it rather annoying to work. Besides not liking Illustrator I found it to be one of the elements in the brief which I found most interesting. This was down to what I was able to find out, and what you can achieve using the programme. Another element of the brief which I enjoyed working on was creating the magazine spread illustration. This was because this felt to be one of the parts which I was able to fully put my creative style into, as the instructional illustration and app icon all had big purposes which played a part in the illustration but for the magazine spread illustration I was able to produce whatever I liked.

Through my research, I learnt that to make a successful illustration it needs to work and be suitable for what it is for. In my app illustrations, the ones that stood out and were interesting used colour and texture. In the instructional illustration research, I learnt that the style of illustration changes how the illustration and instructions and perceived. I used what I learnt to influence and guide my own illustrations.

In my app icon illustration, I was influenced mainly by my app icon research. My app icon research showed me what a good app illustration looks like, and what a low-quality illustration looks like. I used this to help guide me throughout. The main app illustration which influenced me was The Curry Guy, through its use of textures and bold colours. I also used influences from WHY NOT JAMES, Julie Notarianni, Jing Zhang, and the website to inform me and inspire me on colour, style, composition and line work.

For my instructional illustration, I used influences from nearly all of the types of illustrations I researched into. I used my research to influence typography decisions, style, composition, the narrative within the illustration and many other elements. The illustrators I used to influence me are; Natalya Zahn, Liv Wan, Jing Zhang, and Katie Eberts. Other illustrations that influenced me are; the biological illustration from Lang J, the illustrations of website, and the app illustration Veggie Weekend.

In my magazine spread illustration, I wasn’t as influenced by the illustrations I researched into as the two other illustrations, as I felt the magazine spread was an area which I could show off my own style and talent. Even so, I did use influences from my research for colour combinations, styles, and typography. The illustrations and illustrators which helped inform me are; Holly Exley, Natalya Zahn, Julie Notarianni, Isabel Arenas, WHY NOT JAMES, Jing Zhang and Avid Granov.

In my app icon the colours used, and texture is the most successful parts. The colour brings attention to the app icon, causing interest, meaning it would work in a real-life environment. The texture gives the app icon something more than a regular app icon, the texture brings the illustration to life and allows me to create depth within the illustration. What wasn’t as successful would be the quality of some of the illustrations, take for example the lime segments. These could have been done at a higher quality and made to look realistic. I am extremely happy with my final outcome and happy that I used Illustrator to create it instead of using photoshop for areas which would have been easier. My app icon fulfils the brief, as it works as an app icon as it states through the imagery what it is about – food. It is interesting to look at, and eye catching which means it would stand out against a range of other app icons. It also fulfils the brief as it evokes the chef’s crazy style of cooking. The use of vibrant colours contrasting with each other and the composition work together to evoke this. To make this illustration fit the brief even more I could have made it suit the app more, as it is Dan Lovell-Brays ready meal line. To have done this I could have put the illustrations of food within a ready meal container.

In my instructional illustration, the composition of text and illustration has worked successfully this is because the two parts are balanced, nothing is too heavy one side. This means my illustration is pleasing and easy to look at, and take in – which I believe to be an important part of an instructional illustration, especially one that is designed for a cookbook. What hasn’t been as successful would be the quality of some of the illustrations within the illustration. The finer liner drawings could have been done to a higher standard and made to look more realistic. Overall I am happy with the quality of my final instructional illustration. The use of Photoshop allowed me to create clean, accurate depictions of the ingredients with ease, which meant I could spend time making sure they were of the highest of qualities. The final illustration fulfils the brief as it includes the recipe title, the use of photoshop, illustrator, and traditional methods which were scanned in. My illustration also evokes Dan Lovell-Bray’s crazy style of cooking through the use of crane imagery as this is quite unusual towards a cookbook illustration. My illustration also includes text on how much and what to do with the different ingredients. To improve this illustration to make it fit the brief even more, I would have decided on a different recipe, one that involved more skills and instructions so my illustration could use every aspect of an instructional illustration.

In my finished magazine illustration, the composition and colour palette have been the most successful elements. The colour palette is vibrant and bold, making the magazine spread to stand out – this means when someone is flicking through the magazine their eyes would be drawn to this page. The bold and vibrant colours also evoke the crazy style of cooking Dan Lovell-Bray has. The composition is balanced and visually appealing to look at, making it a successful illustration for a magazine spread as someone would be turned away if the illustration wasn’t pleasing to look at. An area which I feel isn’t as successful is the positioning of text, especially with the main body of writing. The whole illustration and magazine spread feels very bottom heavy but also to far down on the page. This would be something I would improve for next time. I am happy with the quality of my overall illustration, as it is artistic and vibrant to look at, the illustrations are also in areas as realistic as I could make them. To improve the illustration I would alter where the text was positioned, and also the digital painting of the face. This area I feel could be improved to be made to look more realistic. My magazine illustration fulfils the brief, due to it having text on both pages making it a double page interview spread, using a combination of digital and traditional processes and mediums, evoking the crazy style of cooking; and using influences from my research. To make my illustration fit the brief even more, I could have thought about including more typography, to do this I would alter the way the illustration was on the double page spread.

Throughout this project, I enjoyed using the gradient mesh tool on illustrator, as it was something I learnt how to use for this project. I also enjoyed using the mixer brush tool on photoshop as again, this was another tool I found and learnt for this project. These tools helped me in creating the quality in all of my illustrations, and without them, I feel my illustrations wouldn’t have been as good. From this project, I have learnt new skills using digital programmes, especially in Illustrator but have also learnt to try out all ideas until I find the one I am most happy with.


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